The Colma Historical Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership-supported organization.   We were founded on July 26, 1993.





Four membership meetings are held each year on Sundays at 2:00 pm at the Museum. These are in February (second Sunday),April, July and October.

See Events page for dates.



Our Motto:


"It's Great to be Alive in Colma"




"News and Notes" is published four times per year: January,April, July and October.


The newsletters 1993 to present accessed by clicking on the sub menu tab on the "About Us" page or here.




Colma Historical Association Board Members:


Maureen O'Connor - President

Michael Rocchetta - Vice President

Richard Rocchetta - Secretary

John Goodwin - Board Member

Perky Ramroth - Board Member


Patricia Hatfield - President Emerita

Dorothy Hillman - Treasurer Emerita (Deceased)




























Maureen O'Connor - Newsletter

Richard Rocchetta - Museum Curator & Office Manager

Perky Ramroth - Membership Chair

Michael Rocchetta - Restoration Expert and Technical Consultant

Sue Hudson - Hospitality Chair

Helen Fisicaro- Tea Chair





We welcome any historical items for our museum displays that are related to Colma. Family history is also welcome, as we want to learn and share the memories of our earlier residents.



Research Library - Open During Museum Hours and contains:


Local History Books

Vintage Local Photographs

Stories of notable people buried in Colma cemeteries

History of early settlers in the north county

Colma family histories

Local school photographs and memorabilia

Valente, Marini, Perata Mortuary Records up to 1993

Colma Census records

Sunset View Cemetery burial records

And much more!


  Top L to R: Maureen O’Connor, Perky Ramroth, Richard Rocchetta

  Bottom L to R: John Goodwin, Michael Rocchetta

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